Smoothing machine

Proper levelling

The winner of this year’s Silver manus® award is a machine that makes it easier to draw off screed. Screed laying is still a very strenuous manual task which places an enormous great strain on the back, knees and skin of the screed layer. This machine is finally putting an end to this strain. In addition, it ensures that the screed is absolutely level and guarantees optimum material compression. The machine can be extended in 0.5 metre steps from 2.5 to 4 metres for adaptation to different room widths. Thus a capacity of 100m²/h is possible at a maximum working width of 4 metres. The entire drive system for the forward movement of the machine was realised using plastic plain bearings from igus®. Since the machine is used on construction sites, it is permanently exposed to dust, dirt and humidity. Conventional bearings would become clogged by dust and dirt over time and seize. Plastic plain bearings from igus®, however, are lubricant- and thus maintenance-free.




Clip bearings

Smoothing machine_01  
Manus 2015 - Smoothing machine  
Manus 2015 - Smoothing machine  
Manus 2015 - Smoothing machine  
Manus 2015 - Smoothing machine  
Manus 2015 - Smoothing machine  
Mai International GmbH, David Kampitsch, Feistritz/Drau, Austria
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