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Cost-effective and low-weight modular kit for delta robots

Fast pick & place handling … ready to install

At the HMI 2018, igus® is offering the first linear modular kit for delta robots. Consisting of 3 pre-assembled drylin® ZLW toothed-belt axes with NEMA stepper motors and encoders, igubal® double joints and the appropriate adapter plates, the drylin® delta robot can be assembled quickly and easily. Thanks to the lightweight design consisting of aluminium and plastic, the system achieves a pick rate of 60/min in an installation space of up to ø 380 mm. The entire kinematics can be supplied ready-to-install in a transport frame or as a kit.

drylin®delta robots  

Advantages of the drylin® delta robots:

Cost-effective alternative to usual delta kinematics

Ready-made system based on the drylin® modular kit

No additional lubricant necessary and therefore very little maintenance required

Fast movements possible due to parallel kinematics

Compact and lightweight design


When is the delta robot used?

Pick-and-place tasks, such as belt transfer stations

Sorting systems

Assembly systems

Joining processes

Handling of small parts

For fast positioning tasks


Assembly instructions


Technical documentation


CAD data - DLE-DR-0001


CAD data - DLE-DR-0002

Typical application areas:

Handling, pick-and-place, robotics, automation

Part No. Description      
 DLE-DR-0001 - 문의하기로 
 DLE-DR-0002 - 문의하기로 
 DLE-DR-0003 - 문의하기로 
 DLE-DR-0004 - 문의하기로 
선택된 부품에 대해 더 많은 정보:
3D CAD (캐드) 견본주문 전문가 견적 요청 등급별가격 myCatalog

Technical data

Positioning accuracy +- 0,5 [mm]
Working area diameter at 75 [mm] 380 [mm]
Max. load 5 [kg]
Process force at radius 0 [mm] max. 100 [N]
Dynamics Min. 60 Piks. (min.)
Weight 15 [kg]
max. speed 3 [m/s]
max. acceleration 60 [m/s²]

dryve D1 control system

D1 motor control system  
Motor control system for all igus® motors

For a variety of automation tasks without programming. For single axis or room linear robots and delta robots. Integrated online portal serves for data entry / No software installation or app download is necessary. For PC, tablet or smartphone. Stepper (ST), DC and EC motors with up to 21A peak currents and 48V inputs/outputs, analogue inputs, CANopen, ModbusTCP for connection to master control systems such as Siemens or Beckhoff

Delivery time  
Delivery time

3-7 days

Further information

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