3D printing machine

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This year, Bronze goes to a laser-based 3D printing machine that prints metal parts made of titanium, aluminium, steel or even gold. A high-performance laser inside is used to melt thinnest layers of the finest metal powder until a three-dimensional geometry is created. It is important for an optimal result, that the metal powder layer is evenly applied in a thickness of 50 μm only. Therefore, the guide rails of the system need to operate reliably also among extreme conditions with up to 150 °C and even finest dust particles in the air. Conventional bearing systems failed in this harsh environment. Therefore the developers used lubrication-free drylin® linear guide systems from igus® with high temperature-resistant polymer plain bearings.

3D printing machine_01  
3D printing machine_02  
Aerosud ITC, Marius Vermeulen, Pierre van Ryneveld, South Africa
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